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Become a Volunteer

We invite anyone who is interested to come to our farm for a volunteer/permaculture course program.

You can find us on WWOOF Thailand or contact us directly using the form below.vhouse inside

Volunteers stay in one of our adobe houses (bathroom/shower/western-style toilet/WiFi), get two meals per day (Thai or Paleo), have two days off per week, and can use a semi-automatic motorbike provided by us for 100฿/day or an automatic scooter for 200฿/day.


Since our farm is still in the beginning stage and doesn’t create a surplus big enough to support a larger number of people, we require a fee of 200฿/night.

We are an organic farm, so we do not encourage the use of conventional soap/shampoo/conditioner/toothpaste, since the chemicals in those products are often poisonous and don’t belong into a garden (or anywhere else, actually).
However, we provide organic soap, shampoo and toothpaste for our volunteers.

NO experience in farming is required to be a volunteer.

What you will do
You will do regular farm work, including but not limited to the following:

  • preparing soil
  • watering
  • sowing
  • planting trees and vegetables
  • harvesting
  • helping to prepare food
  • simple construction work and maintenance of our natural buildings

You need to be:

  • open for a new experience
  • interested in regenerative farming methods and Nature in general
  • not afraid to get your hands dirty

What you get

  • An introduction course in permaculture individually adapted to the length of your stay
  • An introduction to tropical fruit trees, vegetables and herbs
  • Lecturing about a topic of your choice (on demand)
  • A certificate for the attendance of a permaculture and sustainability course.

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