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Banana Index

Banana Index

For the first time, we recorded all of our rare bananas!



Hak Mook
หักมุก                             ABB

Thick, scarred skin, yellow-red when ripe. The flesh is sweet and mushy, perfect to mash it for desserts like ice cream.

หิน                                 BBB (formerly ABB)

Also called “Saba”. Not very sweet, usually fed to birds. As a true plantain (cooking banana), this variety tastes best when cooked.

Hom Africa

Hom Jampa
หอมจำปา                         AA

Doesn’t look like other Hom varieties; closer related to Khai and Leb Mue Nang. Very thin fruit, with red spots when still green.

Hom Kiow
หอมเขียว                         AAA

Cavendish. Most famous banana, universal supermarket fruit.

Hom Krae
หอมแคระ                         AAA

Also called Dwarf Cavendish. A tree that doesn’t grow higher than one meter (trunk size) and that is definitely an eyecatcher.

Hom Thong
หอมทอง                           AAA

Also called “Gros Michel”. The former standard banana that completely disappeared from the supermarkets and was replaced by Cavendish. Slightly sweeter and tastier than Cavendish, despite being almost identical in appearance.

Hom Thong Khom
หอมทองค่อม                      AAA

Kaew Phakchong
แก้วปากช่อง                      AA(?)

ไข่                                 AA

Also called Sucrier. Yellow, very sweet flesh that is chewy at the first bite but turns into soft mousse when chewed only a little. Short and fat fruit with a round tip.

Khai Gampaengpet
ไข่กำแพงเพชร                   AA

Typical Khai variety, a bit chewy and slightly hard, but turning into soft mousse once chewed for a bit. Short, fat fruit. The trees can grow incredibly tall, and are yellow-orange mixed with light green in color.

Khai Thong Koch
ไข่ทองคช                         AA(?)

The tree has a beautiful red color, and the fruit are some of the smallest bananas we harvest here. The fruit is pointed like Nom Sao and of the size of small Lep Mue Nang bananas.

ขม                                 AAB

Soft, not bitter at all (like the name suggests). Similar to Khai variety (with a rounded tip), slightly longer and thinner, but the flesh is completely white, but more closely related to members of the Nom variety (Nom Sao; Nom Sawan).

Kor Kaeng
คอแข็ง                            ABB(?)


Lep Mue Nang
เล็บมือนาง                                    AA

One of the sweetest, a bit harder than Cavendish but creamy once chewed. Best banana for cooking the unripe fruit in curries.

Moh Mani
เมาะมานิ                          ABB(?)

นาก                               AAA (non-Cavendish)

Quite chewy, but delicious and very sweet. Big fruit. Tree and fruit are red, the young fruit has a beautiful dark purple color.

Nam Chiang Rai
น้ำเชียงราย                       AAB

Nam Nom
น้ำนม                              AAA (non-Cavendish)

Nam Nom Kaek
น้ำนมแขก                         AA(?)

Nam Wa
น้ำว้า                              AABB/ABB

Also called Pisang Awak. Chewy and hard in texture, but very sweet when ripe, Nam Wa is the healthiest banana there is. Small seeds are regularly found in the bottom part of the fruit.

Nam Wa Dam
น้ำว้าดำ                           ABB

Nam Wa Gab Khao
น้ำว้ากาบขาว                     AABB

See Nam Wa. More productive than the original Nam Wa variety. Less chance of seeds being present in the fruit.

Nam Wa Phakchong 50
น้ำว้าปากช่อง 50                AABB

Nang Grai
นางไกร                            ABB(?)

Nang Grai Surin

Nang Phaya
นางพญา                          AA/AAA

Also called Lakatan. A little more chewy, comparable to Cavendish in texture, but slightly orange flesh when fully ripe, thicker skin and fatter fruit. Great for making ice cream or other desserts.

Nga Chang
งาช้าง                             AAB (sometimes ABB)

Niw Jawrakay
นิ้วจรเข้                           AA

Unique taste, sweet, slightly bitter (without this taste being repulsive)

Nom Mee
นมหมี                             ABB

Also called Maduranga. Plantain, but quite sweet. Big fruit, dark green in color and with typical marks and scars.

Nom Nang

Nom Sao
นมสาว                            AAB

Nom Sawan
นมสวรรค์                         AAB

นวล                               Ensete glaucum

Also known as “Snow banana”. ”Considerd a “false banana”, since it is not related to M. acuminate or M. balbisiana. A taste unlike any other banana. Hard and chewy flesh, very big seeds, best sucked like a bonbon. Not directly related to or originating from the two ancient bananas. Huge, dark green trees who don’t give shoots but have to be replanted from seed.


ป่า                                 Musa acuminate (A)

Sweet but slightly astringent, full of small seeds that can be eaten without too much discomfort.

Phama Haek Kook
พม่าแหกคุก                       BBB/ABB

One of our favorites, like combination of Hak Mook and Tani, unique flavor, mushy and creamy, very big fruit. Can easily be mashed and made into desserts like ice cream.

Pisang Amping
_____                          AAA

เรียน                              AAA(?)

Looks very similar to Naak, but is light green when unripe and turns regular yellow when ripe. A variety famous for its good taste.

Roi Wee
ร้อยหวี                            AAB

The flower never stops producing more hands of ever smaller banana until it reaches the ground.

สา                                 AA

Sai Nam Phueng

Sao Gratheup Haw

Sin Plee
สิ้นปลี                              ABB

Sometimes this banana comes straight out of the top of the pseudostem without a male flower preceding it. Related to and therefore comparable to Hak Mook. Similar in taste and texture, soft and mushy when fully ripe. Great for making ice cream or any other sweet dish that requires mashed banana as an ingredient.

ส้ม                                 ABB

Considered a plantain

ตานี                               Musa balbisiana (B)

One of the original wild bananas. Many seeds, but a unique flavor that doesn’t remind one of banana. Chewy texture and very sweet. Very bitter when cooked. An old Thai story states that there is the ghost of a beautiful lady (“Nang Tani”) living in this tree, who can be seen during full moon and is not considered dangerous – as long as you’re not a man that does bad upon women.

Tani Dam
ตานีดำ                            BB

See Tani. The only difference is that the trunk is completely black.

ตีบ                                 ABB

Teep Noi

Thep Phanom
เทพพนม                          ABB

Like Hin (Saba), plantain that can be eaten raw when fully ripe. Not very sweet, more starchy, hard flesh. Good when cooked, baked, fried or roasted.

เทพรส                             ABBB (sometimes categorized as ABB/BBB)

Round fruit with plenty of dark scars (like Hak Mook)

Thong Ho
ทองโฮ๊ะ                            AA

Chewy, but once chewed very creamy, sweet and pleasant. Even though related to Khai, the trees are quite big and very productive. Good for making ice cream.

Thong Ngeuy
ทองเงย                            AA(?)

Sweet and creamy flesh, ideal ice cream banana.

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